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It is the policy and objectives of Premat to satisfy customer needs and expectations by planning and striving for continuous improvement in the quality of products and services. To this end Premat will ensure that all its employees are trained to carry out their duties effectively.
We believe that the quality is not only restricted to the finished product but is also a measurable characteristic of work done throughout the whole company - from the quotations phase, through manufacturing, to delivery of the finished product and after sales service.
The success of the company is credited to each and every employee for the sustained effort and teamwork applied to satisfying customer needs.

Have you ever wondered what happens to certain products when they are no longer of any use to us? Tyres for instance, take up to one hundred years to decompose.
In one way or another most of South Africa's nylon truck and bus sized tyres end up in our stock yard.
In 1958 Pretoria Mat and Rubber (Pty) Ltd bought the patent rights from Switzerland to recycle truck-sized tyres.
Since this is an innovative process, special tools and machinery had to be designed and built for the manufacturing of the woven rubber strip mats.
Protective woven rubber strip mats for load bodies are soft, long lasting and will not damage the paint work. Loads do not shift when cornering because of the rough surface of the mat. It has been used in South Africa since 1964 and have also been exported to countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Israel and the Netherlands. The Tile Bakkie Mat and the 4.5mm Solid Grip Bakkie Mats are also supplied and fitted.
The woven matting is also ideal for the conveyance of animals. It is generally used in horse boxes, cattle trucks and dog trailers. It has the added advantage of preventing animals from slipping and being injured. Rubber matting is thus ideal material for protecting your vehicle. It is as tough as the tyre that it is made from.


Conservation and job opportunities are probably the most pressing factors today. Each of us needs to be involved in order to gain a foothold on the future. We need entrepreneurs who can use innovative technology and who make the best use of the available resources. The very wheels of progress have left behind them some unwanted debris - worn out tyres - and we now use these to move forward.

Premat has not only tackled these problems by doing something for conservation, but it has trained and provided jobs for people who would otherwise be unemployed. It is positive thinking and provides low cost quality products that have been in use for many years.
 Please feel free to contact us for any queries or information.

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